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Шведская метал-группа. Основана в 1989 году. (Сaйт)


The Wild Hunt


The Siren Of The Woods


Cults Of The Shadows

Crazy Nights

Grand Finale Postudium

Clavicula Nox

Birth Of Venus Illegitima

Black Sun

The Beauty In Black

Secret Of The Runes

Summer Night City

A Black Rose Covered With Tears Blood And Ice

Seven Secret Of The Sphinx

Enter Vril Ya

Mark Of Cain

Draconian Trilogy

In The Desert Of Set

Symphony Of Yhe Dead

Baal Reginon

The Wings Of The Hydra

Birth Of Venus Illegitia

Emerald Crown

The Return (Live In Midgard)

In Remembrance

The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah

An Arrow From The Sun

Ho Drakon Ho Megas


Thor The Powerhead

Arrival Of The Darkest Queen

Opus Eclipse

Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx


The Invincible

To Mega Therion

Ginnungagap Prologue

Lepaca Kliffoth


Son Of The Sun

The Opening

Flesh Of The Gods

The Crowning Of Atlantis

Nightside Of Eden


Symphony Of The Dead

Invocation Of Naamah

The Dreams Of Swedenborg

The Wondrous World Of Punt

To Mega Therion (Live)

Wine Of Aluqah

Riders Of Theli

Sorrows Of The Moon