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Американская хеви-метал группа, основанная в 1981 году в Лос-Анджелесе. Записали 10 студийных альбомов. Состав: Джеймс Хэтфилд, Ларс Ульрих, Кирк Хэмметт, Роберт Трухильо. (Сaйт)

Nothing Else Matters

Master Of Puppets

The Unforgiven II

Turn The Page

Master Of Puppets (S And M)

The Unforgiven

Capre Diem Baby


I Disappear

2 X 4


Dyers Eve

Ain't My Bitch



And Justice Medley

Creeping Death


Enter Sandman

The Call of Cthulhu

Nothing Else Matters (S And M)



Until It Sleeps



Am I Evil

Mama Said

Sad But True

Live Shit

Bass And Guitar Doodle Cunning Stunts

Frayed Ends Of Sanity

Whiskey In The Jar



Apocalypse Dawn

Jump In The Fire

My Apocalypse

So What


Seek And Destroy

The Wait


For Whom The Bell Tolls

King Nothing

Nothing Else Mathers (Live)

Nothing Else Matters (Intro)

Ride The Lightning

The Day That Never Comes

The Small Hours

All Nightmare Long

Thorn Within

For Whom The Bells Tolls (Live)

All Within My Hands

Orion (Bass Riff)

The Judas Kiss

Blues Jam

Hero Of The Day

Hit The Lights

Nothing Else (One Acoustic Guitar)

Solos Bass Guitar

Where The Wild Things Are


Killing Time

Wasting My Hate

The Cure


The Prince

Bad Seed

Crash Course In Brain Surgery

No Remorse

The Ecstasy Of Gold

The Unforgiven (Live)


Fade To Black (Cunning Stunts)

For Whom The Bell Tools

Leper Messiah


Sweet Amber

Minus Human

Struggle Within

Better Than You


Creeping Death (Solo)


My World

Suicide And Redemption

The Four Horsemen

Today Your Love Tomorrow The World

Bass And Guitar Doodle In Paris

Dirty Window

Holier Than Thou


Master Of Puppets (Live)

Mexico City (Solo)

Seattle Guitar Solo Excerpt Little Wing

The Call Of Ktulu (S And M)

Trapped Under Ice

Cunning Stunts Bass Guitar Doodle

Fade To Black (Live)

I Dissapear

Kirk Hammet Bluessample

No Leaf Clover


Sabbra Cadabra

Wherever I May Roam

Black Album Part 2

Bleeding Me

For Whom The Belll Tolls

It's Electric

Little Wing

St. Anger

The Shortest Straw


Invisible Kid

Last Caress

Mercyful Fate

One (Arranged For One Guitar)

Ride The Lightning (Including Solos)


Black Album Part 1

Disposable Heroes

Disposable Heros

Guitar Solo In Memory Of Cliff

Instrumental Tribute 20 Years Of Mtv


The Strugle Within

The House That Jack Built

Bleeding Me (Live)

Poor Twisted Me

The Frayed Ends Of Sanity

The More I See



Anesthesia(Pulling Teeth)

Backstage Jam Cunning Stunts

Fight Fire With Fire

Gone With You


The Thorn Within

53rd And 3rd

Damage Inc.

Ecstacy Of Gold Symphony Version

Fade To Black

Frantic (Live)

Of Wolf And Man

One (Live)

The Four Horseman

The Struggle Within

The Unforgiven III

Wherever I May Roam (Live)

Last Carress

Blackened (Intro)


Eye Of The Beholder

Green Hell

Sabbra Cadadra

Sanitarium (2nd Solo)

The Unnamed Feeling

And Justice For All

Don't Tread On Me

Mercyfull Fate

Through The Never

Welcome Home (Sanatarium) (Live)

Carpe Diem Baby

Fuel (Live)

Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)

Imperial March

The Call Of Ktulubass

The House Jack Built

The Imperial March

Welcome Home (Sanatarium)

Best Of Metallica I

Devil's Dance

Free Speech For The Dumb

Hero Of The Day (Live)

Kirk Hammet Solo In San Francisco

Last Caerss

Phantom Lord

Solos Of Metallica

That Was Just Your Life

The Thing That Should Not Be

To Live Is To Die (Intro)

Tuesday's Gone

Until It Sleeps (S And M)

Burn It Down

Creeping Death (Cunning Stunts)

Creeping Eath

Die Die My Darling

Fight Fire With Fire (Intro)

Nothing Else Matters (Whole Song Single Guitar)

One (S And M)

Outlaw Torn Outro

Prince Charming

Shoot Me Again

Silent Distortions Puppets Medley

Solo Of Enter Sandman Remix

The Art Of Kirk Hammett

Vmas Medley


Bredfan (Live)

Call Of Ktulu

Harvester Of Sorrow

My Friend Of Misery

No Leaf Clover (S And M)

Nothing Else Matters (Acoustic)

The Call Of Ktulu

The God That Failed

The Memory Remains

To Live Is To Die

Linus And Lucy

Sucking My Love

Battery (S And M)

Damage Case

Enter Sandman (Live)

Fight With Fire (Live)

Hero Of The Day (S And M)

Low Mans Lyric

Metal Militia

Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue

Some Kind Of Monster

Stone Dead Forever

The Ecstasy Of Gold (S And M)

God Of Thunder

Run To The Hills

Small Hours

One With War Sound's

Sad But True (Live)

The Outlaw Torn

Stone Cold Crazy

Too Late Too Late

London Dungeon

Enter Sandman (S And M)

Fuck Like A Beaver

So What Cunning Stunts

Live Seattle Bass Solo

Nothing Else Matters (Accoustic Solo)

You Re Going To Hell

Bleeding Me (S And M)

Devils Dance

Tuesdays Gone